So, How Did Champions #1 Get Those 400,000 Pre-Orders Anyway?

Champions_1_Mack_Golden_Apple_VariantMarvel representatives have stated that pre-orders for Champions #1 have topped 400,000. That beats out Black Panther #1, Uncanny Avengers #1, in fact anything without a Loot Crate.

So how did they get that figure? Well, presumably, not through Loot Crate, which these days adds half a million copies to a comic book.

There are certainly lots of exclusive covers from retailers which will bump up 3-5000 copies per store. And the 1:1000 cover has certainly been picked up by some retailers.

There may be a GameStop variant or a Hot Topic variant which would also add numbers, but it doesn’t seem enough, especially when an anecdotal survey reports most retailers ordering on the low side.

Well, I am told that the largest single buyer of Champions #1 was another comics publisher, Scholastic
They run book fairs at schools and have their own variant of Champions #1.

Could that be enough to swing the balance so far?

Have Wal-Mart gone in deep as well?

Any other suggestions?

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