Frank Cho’s Skybourne #1 Is Out Today From Boom! – Here’s All The Covers

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Frank Cho‘s super-agent comic, Skybourne #1, is out today from Boom! Studios. To spare you from tracking them all down, here are all the variant covers for the first issue… by Frank Cho, Brandon Petersen and Geof Darrow.

Skybourne001covBaltimore Skybourne001covMidtown Skybourne001covDarrow Skybourne001covGrace Skybourne001covPetersonA Skybourne001covPetersonB Skybourne001covRegular

Of course if you want them physically, now you have to track them all down.

And here’s a preview of the comic in question…

Skybourne_001_PRESS-2 Skybourne_001_PRESS-3 Skybourne_001_PRESS-4 Skybourne_001_PRESS-5 Skybourne_001_PRESS-6 Skybourne_001_PRESS-7



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