Donald Trump, Full Frontal Naked, In A DC Comic Book Last Week?

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In the DC Comics/Vertigo magical realism comic Red Thorn by David Baille and Megan Hetrick, they have been seeding a storyline about a General Election in the background of all the Celtic gods and goddesses getting down and dirty with each other. Consider the comic The Wicked + The Divine meets Skullkickers meets St Swithin’s Day.

60_06 Specifically the election of a politician called Pitt Haig – recollecting the names of previous British political figures. And using right wing populist rhetoric

54_05The kind that’s a lot more prevalent right now it seems. But dough faced? Who could that be? Well in the most recent issue, we finally got a good look at the new Prime Minister Pitt Haig.


Quite a lot of Pitt Haig. A little too much for Bleeding Cool’s content guidelines, but with a familiar turn of phrase.

54_20But it appears they joined a certain artistic movement in their portrayal of Trump in the micropenis fashion.


Photo by James Bareham from The Verge. Say, is that Axel Alonso getting a pic? Oh and if artist Meghan Hetrick hid the nature of their inspiration too much, they went and put this on the cover…

54_00You know, Spawn Kills Everyone sold out and became an eBay collectible over a lot less.

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