Celebrating Indigenous Traditions In Real Time With Moonshot

Volume-2-image-collectionAndy Stanleigh writes

As President of AH Comics, I am excited to announce that, with Editor Hope Nicholson – the award winning team who brought you MOONSHOT: The Indigenous Comics Collection – we’re back with Volume 2!

We were extremely honoured to see Volume 1 of the MOONSHOT Collection win multiple awards, including “The Best Book of 2015” as awarded by the School Library Journal – the largest book reviewer in the world. Volume 1 also won the Bronze Medal for “Best Graphic Novel” at the 20th Annual Independent Publisher’s Awards.


Volume 1 of the MOONSHOT Collection opened a lot of doors for the creators we worked with. This book is now being used in universities as course material across North America. Many public school libraries have copies in stock, and the Toronto Public Library named it on their “TPL Top 10 Books for Teens”, showcasing positive representation of indigenous culture, and celebrating storytelling.

A follow-up was inevitable, and we are excited to see Volume 2 now in production with a massive list of award-winning indigenous authors and artists from Canada and the US. This includes artist Jeffrey Veregge (Marvel’s Red Wolf, G.I. Joe, Transformers), authors Sean & Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley (Lesson of the Wolf, Ajjitt), artist David Mack (Kabuki, Fight Club, Daredevil), author Elizabeth LaPensee (Copper Heart, The Observing), artist Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers, Ochek), illustrator Fred Pashe (SpiritWolf), artist menton3 (The Memory Collectors, X-Files, Silent Hill: Past Life), author Richard Van Camp (Tlicho Naowo, Three Feathers), author Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Centering Anishinaabeg Studies, Manitowapow), artist Scott B. Henderson (Blanket of Butterflies, The Chronicles of Era), author Deborah L. Delaronde (Emma’s Gift, Metis Spirits), artist Alexandria Neonakis (Sweetest Kulu, Uncharted4), author Jon Proudstar (Tribal Force) artist Ryan Huna Smith (Tribal Force), artist Steve Keewatin Sanderson (Darkness Calls, Journey of the Healer), artist Weshoyot Alvitre (Little Nemo, Native American Classics), author Michael Sheyahshe (Native Americans in Comic Books, Strike & Bolt) and more!


What makes Volume 2 different from Volume 1? Volume 1 of the Indigenous Comics Collection was about indigenous authors sharing stories from their community/tribe. It was, simply, a ‘celebration of storytelling’, drawing on the author’s own background and tribal history for inspiration.

Volume 2 focuses more on present-day spirituality, diversity and tradition in various communities across North America. While there will still be a wide variety of styles, settings and characters presented, each story is based specifically on an existing tradition/belief from the author’s tribe/community.

In Volume 2 you will see 15 short stories (Volume 1 had 13). Each gorgeously illustrated graphic novel story showcases that indigenous culture is not something from the historical record; it exists in the here, now, always has and always will.


MOONSHOT Volume 2 will be (again) edited by Hope Nicholson (Nelvana of the Northern Lights, MOONSHOT Volume 1, Secret Loves of Geek Girls), who will be working to organize, weave and edit the stories to be included in this Volume. Her aim is to, in her own words, “explore storytelling methods through comic stories that highlight the distinct identity of indigenous communities across North America.

MOONSHOT Volume 2 will be (again) produced by the award-winning publishing company AH Comics (MOONSHOT Volume 1, Jewish Comix Anthology, Hobson’s Gate, Titan: An Alternate History). “Our goal is to present a dynamic and visually stunning canvas for these stories to be told. We are bringing on board some of the best creators on this continent to help make this vision a reality. We are excited to work with Hope again, along with the 30+ authors and artists to create what is sure to be another incredible, award-winning Collection!”

MOONSHOT The Indigenous Comics Collection Volume 2 will be released in the Spring 2017, and we have a Kickstarter campaign running right now that you can pledge to for not just an advanced copy of the book, but also limited editions signed prints, slipcases and other exclusive content!

I invite you to check out the Kickstarter fundraising page.


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