Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane… Is Not Wonder Woman's Anymore (SPOILERS)

Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane appeared in her earliest of comic book stories, decades before she would gain the power to fly under her own steam.

Originally, it was a creation of Diana's during her younger years on Paradise Island. She created it to be an improvement on her mother's planes which would be shot down in Man's World. The result was a transparent plane that could fly speed silently and not be detected. The world's first stealth fighter. Later it would move from transparent to actually invisible, and gained sentience.


In the nineties, John Byrne rebooted the plane to be an alien lifeform, a "morphing crystal" given as a gift to Wonder Woman by a sub-Antarctican race, which as well as becoming an invisible plane, could transform into other vehicles. Eventually, its sentience would be realised and it became a protective dome called WonderDome or Dome.


Writer Greg Rucka had Dome sacrificed itself to save lives. Batman would then provide Wonder Woman with a stealth plane to replace it.


In the New 52, Wonder Woman had an invisible chariot on Paradise Island, but that was it. A version appeared in Sensation Comics, Earth 2 and Wonder Woman: Earth One.


But now, as Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott combine continuities and versions for DC Rebirth, we get a rather Alan Moore-like display of that famous scene of Wonder Woman deflecting bullets with her bracelets, that seems such a cliche now, recreated as new….

Image (94)

It is a wonderful example of not completing the circle, allowing the readers to fill in the scene amongst the gutters, and probably my favourite single scene in DC Rebirth so far.

And, yes, the Invisible Plane is back. But it isn't Wonder Woman's plane anymore. It's the plane that Steve Trevor arrived in, given a little Paradise Island pitstopping…

Image (93)

Hopefully, this one won't have a mind of its own…

And if you really miss that withheld moment earlier? Action Comics #961 has you covered…

Image (15)

Wonder Woman #4 by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott is available today.

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