Inhumans And Tony Stark Think They Could Take The Other, In Civil War II Related Comics Today

From today’s Invincible Iron Man #12, sitting in the rubble of the World Trade Center Stark Towers.
Image (92)War with the Inhumans? What would they think about that? Let’s go ask them in Uncanny Inhumans #12 also out today.Image (67)So the Inhumans believe they would beat Iron Man. What does he think?Image (65)Them’s fighting words…

In other books, the Squadron Supreme try to work out what the hell is going on, and bring up some other issues about Ulysses seeing the future, from a Marvel continuity point of view.

Image (89)

That may actually underline a political point that the main series doesn;t really address, regarding the reliability of intelligence information. Using it as a tool should be find. But using it as the tool? Removing other tools because you like and trust in this one so much? That’s when it really starts to go wrong.

And that’s a point that Matthew Rosenberg and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz pick up in today’s Civil War II: Kingpin  is the successor to The Vision as a superhero comic book that is really well told, and bodes well for the spinoff ongoing series. As Janus commits the undetectable-by-Ulysses crime…

Image (86)…and underlines a very different political point to the main series, that when you rely on unreliable or selective intelligence, you stop looking for the things you cannot see, because you have convinced yourself that they cannot be there.


While the only thing Deadpool #16 has to do with Civil War II now is this logo on the cover…




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