DC Rebirth Titles Will Stay At $2.99 On ComiXology – Will Not Drop Prices After A Time

The usual practice in digital comic books was to wait a while after initial publication and then drop the price of your comic by a dollar. $3.99 become $2.99, $2.99 become $1.99, that kind of thing. DC Comics used to wait 4 weeks, but in 2013 extended that to 8 weeks. Image Comics usually drops to $1.99 after a month. Marvel waits a lot longer, around 18 months or so.

But with DC Comics relaunching at the $2.99 price point for Rebirth – how long will people have to wait until the books drop to $1.99?

According to Comixology, DC won’t be dropping the price of their digital Rebirth books as a matter of course as they did before.


In DC’s case, they drop by a dollar after 2 months. It was originally after 1 month, but it changed a while back. But now it looks like the Rebirth books won’t be dropping at all.


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