George Lucas Wants To Buy All The Original Art From Marvel’s Han Solo #1 And #2

Well that’s an endorsement of the comic book.

Mark Brooks, artist of the Han Solo comic book for Star Wars posted this news,

Got an e-mail last night from Lucasfilm saying that George Lucas would like to purchase every original page from Han Solo #1 and #2. Surreal is an understatement.

It may be worth pointing out that this will be forty pages, plus covers, and Marvel Star Wars original art pages can go for thousands.

However you look at it, that’s Mark Brooks tax bill paid. Or a whole lot more tax to pay….

There are some contractual restrictions regarding how people draw Marvel Comics when Lucasfilm is involved. He states in a series of responses, as people asked how much he could bump his price for Lucas.

That’s always the first instinct but then you realize that the contract says that, if Lucas passes, you have to sell them on the regular market at the price you offered them to Lucas for

That’s how it works. George gets first right of refusal on all Star Wars artwork. The artwork goes through Lucasfilm who then send it on your George for optioning. Guess it was in his contract when he sold the property.

It’s standard for any Star Wars artwork done in any official capacity for Lucasfilm, Disney and it’s subsidiaries. George Lucas gets first rights of refusal for all original artwork.

So if you want to buy a Star Wars Marvel original piece and George Lucas does as well, you are out of luck…

Here;’s some of the artwork that caught Lucas’ eye.

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