Racebending Matt Trakker In The New M.A.S.K. Comic From IDW

Remember M.A.S.K.? One of the attempts to cross GI Joe with Transformers, it had normal looking vehicles transform into attack vehicles. Created by Kenner in 1985, it had four lines of toys, a TV cartoon spinoff for two years, comics from DC and the like. with the theme of fighting crime and evil was soon replaced by one of racing.

That was thirty years ago. Now, courtesy of Hasbro and IDW, it is being revived, as part of their GI Joe/Rom/Micronauts etc line, that is seeing a joint cinematic universe for all these properties being developed.

And the MASK comic coming from IDW, by Brandon Easton and Tony Vargas with some of the changes obvious from the get go.

This is how the team’s leader, Matt Trakker, looked back then.



And this is how he looks in the upcoming comic.

Mask_designsB (1)

Of course, you realise, this means war.


It starts by saying “Now nobody is advocating and suggesting Matt Trakker can’t be black” before doing exactly that.

We have been waiting close to thirty years for new M.A.S.K. material and want Matt Trakker retconned to his non race swap character. You can keep the Elon Musk like Bad Boy persona. We have just come to expect Matt to have a certain look. You could have changed any other character such as Mayhem but Matt is almost Sacred to us.

So, basically, they are suggesting he can’t be black.

It includes the line addressing writer Brandon Easton, “While you are currently in charge of this project as the writer you must remember Matt doesn’t belong to you, he belongs to the fans.”

No… he belongs to Hasbro. They paid $516 million for Kenner after all.


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