So How Do Ulysses’ Precog Powers Work In Civil War II Anyway?

Today sees the publication of Civil War II #3 by Brian Bendis and David Marquez.

And a Tony Stark who is getting rather involved with a certain precognitive Homer Ulysses.

Image (14)

Lovely. See, Tony is trying to find out how Ulysses’ power works.

Image (12)

And thanks to David Marquez’ art, torture has never looked prettier.

Image (13)

But, you see, other people do seem to think they know how Ulysses power works.

Image (20)

Okay, not these two, as Nova stays very much on the fringes of Civil War II in his crossover, and is rather annoyed by it all.

But Vision has it all worked out in Deadpool #14.

Image (16)

So… he’s basically a walking Total Perspective Vortex? Anyone back that up? Oh, Psylocke in Civil War II: X-Men #1.

Image (15)

It’s all about profiling! And with Tony Starks comments, Ulysses is racial profiling the future as well!

Image (17)

Predicting death for Deadpool. Again. A comic that also reminds us what happened recently in the Marvel Universe that even editorial deny…

Image (19)

Leaving evidence behind in Amazing Spider-Man…

Image (9) Image (10)

So maybe it’s Tony Stark’s own brain that he should be paying more attention towards. As in Invincible Iron Man which is also, somehow, meant to be part of Civil War II.

Image (18)Maybe none of it is true Tony! And is this really how Ulysses’ power is meant to work, a sifting of data and a working out of probabilities rather than glimpsing ahead? How does that result in seeing a Celestaila apocalypse, Thanos teleporting in and…

Image (28)

But why focus on Ulysses the Inhuman? When the power set of Reader in Uncanny Inhumans could be far more worrying to someone like Tony…

Image (23) A man who can rewrite the present… say maybe he could get a job at DC Universe Rebirth?

Civil War II #2, Civil War II: X-Men #1, Amazing Spider-Man #14, Nova #8, Deadpool #14, Uncanny Inhumans #10, International Iron Man #4 are all published today.

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