How Titans Rebirth #1 Is Really DC Universe Rebirth #3

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Justice League #51 says that it continues in Titans Rebirth #1.

Well, aside from the fact that they both feature Dick Grayson, the first as Robin, the second as Nightwing, it really, really doesn’t. Even though they are both written by Dan Abnett.

Instead, it is a continuation from DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Flash Rebirth #1. And, for that matter, Titans Hunt #8.

With Wally West explaining his history looking back at the DC Universe…
Image (6)

The bold statement that something or someone has taken ten years from all their lives. The years they spent as Teen Titans.Image (7)  And that it might all happen again.Image (8) That’s right folks, Dr Manhattan is coming back for seconds.

It never ends, Adrian…

Titans Rebirth #1 is published today.

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