SML Podcast – Talking With Ninja Egg About KYUB

SML-Podcast-Banner1-600x2161The SML Podcast – Talking with Ninja Egg about KYUB, releasing this summer!
By Joe Cammisa

It’s Monday night so it’s time for The SML Podcast – Episode 193: KYUBKAST here on Bleeding Cool!

This week we are joined by Martin Schemidt and Christian Strohmann of Ninja Egg to discuss their upcoming Xbox One game KYUB, scheduled to release this summer!

We spend a solid hour talking about the game, the intial idea from 5 years ago, the two year development cycle, camera angles, and I even get a walkthrough on how to get a collectible in one of the stages in the press demo! We also talk about tons of other stuff including favorite games of theirs and, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a game developer who enjoys Dark Souls! Plus we discuss the projected cost of the game and how to properly get across that this isn’t a puzzle game you complete in an hour, it’s a massive game well worth the time and money!

After the guys head out, we tackle a quick giveaway, talk about recent additions of Gin Blossoms to Rock Band and Chevelle to Rocksmith, six new Xbox 360 titles compatible on the Xbox One, June’s Games with Gold lineup, as well as Rocket League adding Steam/Xbox crossplay in their newest update. No word on PS4 triple way crossplay since Sony seems to be the one blocking the way now. Plus our featured games!

Life Goes On: Done to Death from Infinite Monkeys is a sadistically funny puzzle platformer where you use the corpses of your dead soldiers to achieve victory! Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition and OlliOlli2: XL Edition from Roll7 and Team17 are the Xbox releases of the amazing Roll7 titles with added features. Goliath from Whalebox Studio and Octopus Tree is a survival game with a gigantic robot twist and tons of RPG integration to keep things fresh and fun. Shred It! from Extra Mile Studios is a downhill auto-snowboarder with gorgeous visuals and chill music that is addictive and…COOL.

Finally, Koihime Enbu from Unknown Games and Degica Games is a fast and fluid anime waifu fighter on Steam with more features and a lower price than Street Fighter V, guest reviewed by friend of the show Ryan Underwood!

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We end the show with six songs this week, three from Danny Baranowsky to celebrate the REAL version of Super Meat Boy with his music being part of GWG next month as well as three tracks from KYUB!

Danny Baranowsky – Hot Damned (Super Meat Boy)
KYUB – Winter
Danny Baranowsky – The Battle of Lil’ Slugger (Super Meat Boy)
KYUB – Spring
Danny Baranowsky – Forest Funk (Super Meat Boy)
KYUB – Autumn

Thanks for checking us out and we’ll see you next week!

Joe Cammisa is an unemployed nerd who spends his time gaming, celebrating over three years of hosting The SML Podcast, and sharing pictures of his five cats on Facebook. Yeah, five. You can annoy him on Twitter or on pretty much any gaming service under the name JoeCamNet. Be prepared to beat him in pretty much anything.