Free On Bleeding Cool: Vampblade #1 – Reclaiming The Nineties Bad Girl Comics For The Twentyteens


Vampblade by Jason Martin and Winston Young published by Action Lab. And with the full first issue available to read, for free, here.

Detroit comic shop employee Katie Carva grew up reading a little known 90s bad girl comic called Vampblade, a comic about a mysterious woman in black leather and impossible chains who wielded two giant blades and fought bizarre invisible other-dimensional vampires. Like most fans, as she got older, she found better books. But when mobsters break into her store and kill the owner, she’s forced to take up the forgotten replica “Vampblades” gathering dust in the back of the shop, only to find out the comics are all too real and she herself has been transformed into… VAMPBLADE!

Transforming into a comic book bad girl can be problematic, but the blades have bonded to Katie, and they need to feed. So, what’s a girl to do? Manage the shop by day, and cosplay as an other-dimensional space vampire slayer by night, of course!

Is VAMPBLADE a kooky/kinky/gory mash-up of SHE-RA and THEY LIVE, or ROM SPACEKNIGHT meets SPAWN? It’s all that and more in this “anything goes” send up from the co-writer of Zombie Tramp.

Volume 1, collecting the first story arc (issues 1-4), “I am Vampblade” is in stores this week, and issue 5 comes out next month.



Vampblade TP VOL 01


128 PGS, FC, $14.99

(comes with 1 regular and 2 variant covers)
Writer: Jason Martin

Artist: Winston Young (with Marco Maccagni, Andrew Mangum, and James Stanley)

ORDER CODE: MAR16 1004 (MAR16 1005, MAR16 1006)


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