Possible Titanfall 2 Poster And Details Leak Outlining A Grappling Hook

Titanfall 2 is now set for this year, which is pretty exciting. The game showed great potential in its first outing, so hopefully, with a confirmed campaign this time, Respawn Entertainment will match what we wanted out of the first one.

To give us a glimpse. it seems a couple things have leaked today about the game. On a now deleted post on the Titanfall subreddit (via NeoGAF) user ilovegoogleglass posted this image, supposedly of the Titanfall 2 poster.

Take a look:


Giving this creadence is this official Tweet from Titan fall, which appears to house the same left image, just a little blurred out.

The other big take away was that the game is adding a grappling hook. In the original post, ilovegoogleglass said:

They’ve added a ton of new pilot abilities including the addition of a grappling hook. My source said you can use it quite extensively, for getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they’re midair.

Sounds neat! I can’t wait to see how this game plays, which we are definitely seeing at E3 in three weeks. I’ll even have some impressions to bring back to you!