Over The Garden Wall #2 Shows The Pain Of Solitude

Over The Garden Wall #2 Shows The Pain Of Solitude

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Over the Garden Wall is super cute. The art style makes me feel warm and fuzzy. However, don’t let it fool you…this comic includes some deep, thought-provoking content. The first story, “Dreamland Melodies” is written and illustrated by Jim Campbell, while the second entitled, “Homeland,” is written by Amalia Levari, illustrated by Cara McGee. With this type of balance…you get a bit of everything!

A fun story about wildlife creatures…


…and a deeper, much more heavy story…

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.35.20 PM


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the whimsical stuff, but I’m a bigger fan of the dark and dreary. Amalia Levari knows how to tug at my heart strings, and I’m sure you’ll feel it too. As I read, I couldn’t believe the amount of emotion I felt for Anna’s character. There’s a scene in which she watches a couple from afar that is really painful. All in all, it’s excellent writing.

One thing is for certain, Over the Garden Wall is a comic you don’t want to miss. Be sure to pick up the second issue today.

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