How Many Supermen?

acWednesday sees Action Comics #52, the finale of the series before DC Rebirth.

As the solicitation shows, the New 52 and the Pre-52 Supermen meet. But much more…

“The Final Days of Superman” continues as two Supermen meet at last: pre-New 52 Superman meets the current Kal-El. But solar Superman wants to be the only Man of Steel left standing. And divided they may fall as one Clark Kent must choose the safety of his family before either version of himself.

So we have the New 52 Superman, the Pre-52 Superman, the Superman made up of Superman’s solar energy, all meeting up. Oh and throw in a couple of Lois Lanes while you’re at it, for good measure.

Then from the previous issue, there’s the Chinese Superman child of the Mother Of Warriors and the Kenan Kong New Super-Man on his way. Add the Lex Luthor Superman and that’s six of the buggers.

Maybe solar energy Superman and one of the Lois Lane’s will merge to make Superwoman, and the New 52 Superman will actually, properly die, culling the super-herd, but I’m not holding my super-breath.

As the CBR preview below shows Wonder Woman and Superman holding hands in love. Awwww.

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