A Thank You To Comics Creatives

A Thank You To Comics Creatives

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By Devon Sanders

This is nothing more than what it is:

A “Thank You.”

A thank you to the artists, inkers, writers, colorists and editors who simply put in the work.

The ones who look at comics as an art form that needs tending to once a month or however long it takes to make the work. Thank you especially to the men and women who may or may not have been the flashiest of artists and got the job done and did it well.

To the late Paul Ryan, thank you for your Fantastic Four, Flash and Superman: Man of Tomorrow runs. There’s a deceptive simplicity going on there that it took me years to appreciate.

To “my” Spider-Man artist, Ron Frenz, one of comics’ best when it comes to portraying action on the comics page.


To Karen Berger, who in so many ways, made creatives ask more of themselves and their work. Thank you for making Vertigo a new standard within comics.

To Rick Burchett for smoothing over the transition from your inking the late Mike Parobeck‘s pencils to becoming the full penciller on The Batman Adventures. Loved, LOVED your work on She-Hulk and am looking forward to seeing him on the new Image Comics series, Prima.

To Paul Pelletier, between DC and Marvel Comics, yes, they keep moving you around on books but man, are you ever worth following around.

To Chuck, Dixon, Scott McDaniel & Karl Story, thank you for Nightwing and your consecutive and nearly four run on that title, especially for issue 19. I can still remember hearing my own heart pounding as I read that issue. Years later, I was able to purchase one of the pages from that issue. Thanks for allowing me to experience that moment all over again.


To J.H. Williams II, thanks for always pushing yourself and the medium, forward.

To Laura Martin, when I see her name in the credits, I know the book is on a higher level.

To John Romita, Jr., thanks for doing, sometimes, two books a month, simply because it needed doing. Thanks for doing them well.

To Doug Mahnke, who’s had criminally overlooked monthly runs on JLA, Batman, Green Lantern and Superman. The resume speaks for itself.

To John Workman, Thor would not have been Thor without you. That run is classic in no small part to your efforts.


There are many more I could thank and I hope this goes towards that goal, in one way or another.

Thanks for simply being there.

More than likely, you’re never going to see this because you all will be too busy getting the work done rather than reading this.

I’m more than OK with that.

If you’d like to thank a particular creative, go to Twitter and use the hashtag #thankacomicscreative and shout out some of the folks who made you a comics fan.

Devon Sanders really wants to write a Go-Bots series. Seriously. He can be found on Twitter at @devonsanders.



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