The Friday The 13th Game Gets A New Trailer

The Friday The 13th Game Gets A New Trailer

Posted by April 25, 2016 Comment

The Friday the 13th game has been chugging along in development for a little while, the KickStarted game inching closer to its final release date.

Well, here is a new trailer for the game. It claims to be alpha gameplay from the game, but I’d speculate this is more to do with the in-engine, rather that a 1-to-1 demonstration of someone playing the game. If this is that though, it is pretty impressive.

Take a look:

Key tips: When hiding from Jason Voorhees, breathe a little quieter.

Oh, and for good measure, here is one of the game’s recently shared executions, using a simple old door. Genuine warning though. It’s properly gnarly.

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