No Cover Credit For Khary Randolph? He’s “Moved On” From We Are Robin…

Friend of Bleeding Cool, Joe Illidge posted on Facebook,

Dear DC Comics, someone’s name is missing from the cover of your WE ARE ROBIN collection.


Joe gave some hints…


That would be one Khary Randolph, artist on the first three issues of We Are Robin. Generating responses such as:

Kimson Albert Blashphemy. They should know better.
Antonio Pomares Khary Randolph is the reason I started reading this one.
John Kim What??
Murphy Milburn (Face Palm)
Hannibal Tabu Lies.
Jeremy Love
Kofi Jamal Simmons Wait… whut????
Maia Crown Williams Khary is the ONLY reason i read this.


But for Khary?

Khary Randolph I’ve moved on. Doesn’t faze me in the least, tbh.
Joe Illidge You are just too cool, man.
Maia Crown Williams Yeah well… It fazes ME, damn it. The whole reason 99% of the people supported it was because of YOU.
Khary Randolph  and I appreciate it, truly. But my involvement with this project ended back in December, so it’s old news to me. Especially when I’m working on some even iller sh*t at the moment. So don’t feel bad for me, I’m more than good. #goBLACK #goTHATOTHERTHINGICANTSPEAKON

Black would be this. The other thing?… we wait to discover.

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