Listening To Scott Lobdell Talk Red Hood, Bizarro And Artemis – The New Outlaws For Rebirth

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I am astounded this was so skipped over in the Wondercon DC Rebirth presentation. But the new Red Hood & The Outlaws by Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy really jumped out from the DC Rebirth Previews this week.

The Comics Source Blog talked to Lobdell at Wondercon and he talked further about the new series.

Red Hood, Artemis and the new Bizarro are described as a “dark Trinity”.

Artemis regards Bizarro as an abomination becaise he has no soul.

Jason Todd isn’t sure how much of a soul he has after being brought back from the dead, and feels Bizarro is a kindred spirit.

He talks about how people get a “world view” about someone based on little evidence and then find out how wrong they were. He’s talking about Jason but could Scott be talking about how some people regard him?

A man who has had trouble making close friends in his life,  Jason is not a leader of the team but an equal, a proto Batman…

Take a listen…




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