How Mobile RPG Real Fantasy Was Made - Introduction

How Mobile RPG Real Fantasy Was Made – Introduction

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Making video games is incredibly hard. It’s a ludicrously fiddly artform and one I can only admire from a far. As somewhat of a critic in the medium, I shamefully admit I know very little about how a video game is made, especially when we get the the nitty gritty code of it all. That kind of stuff boggles my mind, and I’ve never been able to quite wrap my head around it.

This is completely opposite to my knowledge of film. I have a very good idea of what goes into making a movie, having graduated from a film course and tried my hand at quite a few myself. That process is much more tangible to me. Video games, with various engine usage, coding and then recoding to fix bugs is quite far beyond my grasp.

Chris has just put out a new game though for the AppStore. It’s called Real Fantasy RPG, and unsurprisingly, well, it’s an RPG. That is actually a pretty rare thing on the mobile platform. While mobile games are usually best left for quick commuting journeys RPGs almost always demand huge portions of your time to explore. Also titularly, the game is set in a fantasy universe which traditionally only make RPGs even longer, with deep lore and vast worlds to traverse padding out time.

Real Fantasy
has a pretty neat solution to this dichotomy though. The game tracks your real world GPS and makes our world its own. Using an overlay of the real maps, you can travel and find things to do while you are out and about. There are shops and schools to frequent to make you stronger, and of course all manner of monsters to conquer and dungeons to pillage. You know, like in a Fantasy RPG. The game has a real old school vibe to it feeling like a D&D campaign of old, now just in your phone and with a real world presence.

So, going back to how woefully little I know about making video games. I know it is a position that is shared by many gamers too, even though video games remain one of, if not the biggest entertainment industry in the world. To help us all out, Chris is going to be posting several articles in the near future to explain what actually went into making the title. He’ll walk thought the choices he made and why he made them, giving us all a little glimpse into development.

So keep an eye out, because there is quite a bit coming.

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