Could David Icke Be Reborn With Mark Millar? Or Is It Another Conspiracy Theory?

This is a conspiracy theory.

Two weeks ago, we noticed that Mark Millar had a new comic book planned called Reborn.

He also announced that he was spending time with this individual, David Icke.

Could they be connected?

We ask because Millar is a repeated self-professed fan of Icke.

David Icke used to be an English footballer, a goalkeeper to be precise, playing for the likes of Oxford United and Northampton Town. After suffering a sports injury, he became a sports broadcaster. He also became a spokesman for the Green Party at a time when it was starting to gain political ground in the UK. After undergoing a spiritual experience he held a press conference in which he declared that he was a "son of the Godhead". A subsequent chat show appearance with the late Terry Wogan saw him not disagreeing with the position that he was the son of God. This and subsequent remarks were ridiculed by the press.

Could this be connected to the "Reborn" title?

He started writing books describing what he saw as a worldwide conspiracy involving power, money, government and an infiltration of the world by alien races, including a lizard race posing as humans in positions of power, including the British royal family, senior politicians and businessmen worldwide.

Icke was sued by Canadian lawyer Richard Warman for the allegation that he was part of such an elite and covered up child abuse, settling for a six figure sum and an agreement not to repeat allegations

But he also posited, Plato-style, that our experience or reality was nothing more that a projected hologram, and we could be more in control of it if we understood the "real" reality behind it all.

Fighting against a Global Elite and a New World Order, he has engaged in increasingly more popular speaking tours across the world. He has caused controversy from those who see his allegations as coded anti-Semitism, as well as from fellow travellers fighting against global conspiracy who take issue with his insistence in ascribing such actions to an alien invasion. He also condemns organised religion, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam as creations of the elite to divide the world through war.

He made sexual abuse allegations against the late TV entertainer Jimmy Savile, at a time when no one else was doing so (or not – apologies about that one), as well as against the late ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, who has also been accused of similar crime, though with substantially less proof. He has also made similar allegation against other individuals, unproven or disproven, including that Savile was procuring children to be abused by the royal family. He alleges that the lizard royal family were behind the assassination of Princess Diana.

Icke did indeed call out Jimmy Saville at a time when the only one else making such allegations publicly was Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz – a major inspiration for comedian Frankie Boyle, who is a friend of Millar, with his aborted comic strip appearing in Clint Magazine.

Sorry, that may have been a diversion. Apologies. Here are some examples of Millar's appreciation for Icke.

He also shares a common view about the European Union.

And he won't rule out the stuff about lizards.

All of which wouldn't be out of place in a Mark Millar comic book.

Millar has dismissed some of this as an oversimplistic take – but it is, basically true. Indeed, Millar states that the alien shapeshifter alien race in The Ultimates – which were used in the Avengers movie – were taken from Icke (rather than Lee and Kirby's Skrulls), telling the Guardian "It's funny because the Hollywood guys don't know this and I love that. I didn't tell them. I'm a huge David Icke fan and I took the Chitauri from there. I love the fact that it's in a $1.6bn grossing movie and it's straight from David Icke!"

Documentary maker Jon Ronson (father of Bleeding Cool's Joel Ronson) made a much discussed film about Icke, The Lizard And The Jews, in which he concluded that Icke wasn't anti-semitic and really did believe the stuff about the lizards – but how it could be problematic for many.

Icke has continued his campaign since, and has become a part of the culture. Recently, talking about the decision for Britain to stay in or leave the European Union, Prime Minister and lizard David Cameron said "Of course you can say this is all some giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke-style… it's just nonsense".

Which only rattled Icke's cage, accusing the prime minister of fear mongering and being a "snake oil salesman". And a slew more headlines.

You can see his current take on the world, ending in three years if the Artificial Intelligence that controls reality isn't turned off.

Which means we'll never get to read the final issues of War Heroes… is that the real plan?

Or it could all be something else entirely. As I said, this is a conspiracy theory. Aren't they all?

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