The Bat Signal Made Out Of Lego And More From DC Comics At Wondercon

We already showed you the Bat Signal made of Lego, during our walk around WonderCon with Joshua Stone... but lets revisit those photo from Bill Watters now.

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But DC had more Lego to share, including the Joker and the Batmobile. And a lot of art from upcoming titles at their DC All Access Panel.

BatSignal2 copy Gray Batman Sydney copyJoker Sydney copyBlue Superman Sydney copyNS + WW copy

Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Please Credit Dominic Loneragan.
Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Please Credit Dominic Loneragan.

Ironically titled as no one was talking about Rebirth…

So we had looks at Bloodlines
BLDLN_1_15_600 copyBLDLN_1_16_600 copy

Black Canary

BLKCA_7_11_600 copy BLKCA_Cv12 copy

Clean Room

clean room 1 clean room 2

Constantine: The Hellblazer

CONSTHLB_11_color1-3 1 copy CONSTHLB_11_color1-3 2 copy

And the Dark Knight: A True Batman Story…

DK_TBMS_CV copy DKTBMS_OGN_57 copy DKTBMS_OGN_58-59- copy

The Dark And The Bloody

DRKBLDY_3_10_600 copy DRKBLDY_3_11_600 copy

Justice League #50… is Lex Luthor the Super Man?

JL_50_LEX_fnl copy

And Justice League #49…

JUSTL_49_02_600 copy

Lucifer #5

LUCF_5_05_Col[2] copy LUCF_5_17_Col[1] copy

Sherrif Of Babylon #4

SHRFBAB_4_10 copy SOB-01-Pages_11-15 UNF_5_16[1] copy UNF_5_pp8 copy

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