DC Comics, 3 For $5, At Wal-Mart, Including Batman #1 And Harley Quinn #1. But You'll Only Know What One Of Them Is....

DC Comics, 3 For $5, At Wal-Mart, Including Batman #1 And Harley Quinn #1. But You’ll Only Know What One Of Them Is….

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Displayed at the Walmart store closest to their corporate headquarters, this is the look being planned to roll out nationwide, selling comics books – specifically DC Comics – to a wider marketplace.

They’ve chosen a mix of the first New 52 titles from 2011, the game spinoff Arkham Asylum, the John Romita Jr Superman and Scooby Doo,

And are selling them in three packs for $5.

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They don’t have them in any depth. And are specifically racked in the collectibles aisle with Magic and Yugioh cards, and above the pops.12874490_10153600653541359_1116765325_o Note that apart from the barcode, Batman #1 and Harley Quinn #1 look identical to their first prints. Could that cool the aftermarket?

As is the choice to reprint comics that most stores have in their Dollar Reprint line… means at customers could save money going to a comic shop to get these issues, rather than Walmart.  Also Marvel are launching their Timely line in comic stores, packaging three recent issues together for $3.

I just home those damn comic stores don’t put Walmart out of business, undercutting them like that.

Also… how bad are those two surprise collectible comics going to be that DC won’t even let you see them before buying them?

At the moment the comics are being tested in the West Coast market.

UPDATE: It seems that the shots were originally taken by retailer Derek L and posted to CBSI. I received the photos from another retailer yesterday, independently.

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