The Division Is The Most Successful Ubisoft Launch Ever

Posted by March 10, 2016 Comment

The division

I’m still making my way through The Division for review, but I know a lot of people have been out in the abandoned Manhattan, working their way through looters in the name of the re-finding society.

And how do I know that? Well because the game is the biggest launch Ubisoft has ever had. The publisher announced that the game beat the 24 hour record of any game it has ever released, even beating Watch Dogs, which was the biggest new IP ever when it in turn launched in 2014 (later getting beaten out by Destiny in the same year).

That’s pretty good going for the game. The question is can if become the biggest new IP launch ever? I suppose we will have to see what sales are like in a week or so.

We’ll get back to you on what we are thinking of the game soon too.

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