This Doom Multiplayer Trailer Is Suitably Doom-y

Posted by March 9, 2016 Comment

Doom was a lot of people’s first experience of online FPS shooting. The multiplayer community that sprung up around the game went on to inspire things like Quake and is arguably responsible for laying the groundwork for the multiplayer scene we congregate today.

And this new trailer is all about bringing that multiplayer back in 2016. It shows off footage from the mode in the upcoming Doom reboot. It all looks pretty fast and furious, and even shows off how you can turn into the demons to bring down the power of Hell onto other players. Take a look:

Also, the long promised beta is coming, open to those who pre-ordered Wolfenstien: The New Order way back when. It will take place March 31 until April 3, so have at it!

(Last Updated March 9, 2016 11:36 am )

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