Fight Club 2 Will See Chuck Palahniuk Address The Cult Of Tyler Durden

Ted Cruz lists Rorschach as one of his favourite superheroes. Chris Kyle‘s unit were all fans of The Punisher. It can be a little worrying sometimes.

Cameron Stewart, artist on Fight Club 2, signed a number of books at London Super Comic Con this weekend for very-self-proclaimed fans of Tyler Durden, the violent, anarchic, psychotic alpha male side of Sebastian’s personality with a mission to destroy.

Which he does find a little disturbing. And it does raise questions over what Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and Fight Club 2 thinks about it all…

Well, I understand that he may be addressing it in person, in the final tenth issue of Fight Club 2, currently Dark Horse Comics’ best selling title.


Chuck has already appeared as a character in issue 8, and the comic has already established a meta narrative, taking place in a world where the Fight Club movie exists, and addressing how fictional characters can outlast their creators.


By the time it finishes, the snake will have not only eaten its tail but ordered tail dessert and is sipping on tail-infused coffee…

Issue 9 is published tomorrow. Issue 10, next month…


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