Yannick Paquette Contends For Nicest Artist Award At London Super Comic Con

Frazer Brown writes,

At London Super Comic Con this weekend I stood in line to get some ‘Swamp Thing‘ stuff signed, to add to the growing pile of plastic and paper things I don’t quite know what to do with in my office (But somehow serve as creative stimuli in my peripheral vision whilst working)*

unnamed (6)unnamed (7)

Naturally my first stop for ‘Swamp Goods’ was Yanick Paquette’s booth.

Whilst chatting with Yanick, young James (aged 6) arrived with his dad and nervously presented the artist with his own crayoned vision of Swamp Thing for Yanick to keep. In return Mr YP drafted a totally gratis Swampie for James to treasure for ever. It was all incredibly sweet.

yanick james aged 6 Untitled PROMOTOPIA PICTURES - BC - yanick paquette - 010 PROMOTOPIA PICTURES - BC - yanick paquette - 003 PROMOTOPIA PICTURES - BC - yanick paquette - 002 PROMOTOPIA PICTURES - BC - yanick paquette - 001

I then proceeded to walk away from Yanick’s stall without paying for ANY of the stuff I had taken! Like a thieving Toe Rag**.

Contacting him on Twitter the same day to apologise this was the response I got:

unnamed (8)

I’d like to nominate Yanick Paquette for the ‘Nicest Artist at LSCC Award’***

*watching netflix

** Toe Rag noun, British, Informal /təʊraɡ/ a contemptible or worthless person.

***Award doesn’t actually exist

Frazer Brown is a lifelong fan of the ‘Swamp Creature’ genre of comics. So much so, he’s investing time and money on two projects that involve creatures of the ‘Slime’ or ‘Swamp’ variety in 2016. Funny how life turns out. You can follow him on twitter @frazerbrown

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