Is This The First LGBTQ Moment In The New Star Wars Comics?

No, not Poe and Finn. Not yet. Despite the desire.

Marvel’s Star Wars comics are considered part of the canon now. Along with the new books, they are being written and published as part of one whole thing, rather than separating the streams into movies and expanded universes and the like.

So if it happens in a Marvel comic, then when JJ Abrams is working on Episode VIII he can’t contradict it. Or must find a way round it.

There hasn’t been a Star Wars canon gay relationship portrayed on screen. A few have existed in the games and novels but generally in a behind-the-scenes fashion. But the new novel Star Wars: Aftermath, introduceda major gay character, the Imperial turncoat Sinjir Rath Velus.

Well, could it be time for the comics?


From today’s Star Wars #16, we have a conversation between the imprisoned Dr Aphra, for those new to the comics, an Indiana Jones-type working for Darth Vader and smuggler Sena, Han Solo’s ex-and-not-actually-wife.
IMG_0018a But they seem to have a history, one that they aren’t sharing with the Rebel Alliance.IMG_0018b There may be little love lost now, but is that a past relationship between the two being referred to?IMG_0018c

You’re not fooling anyone, love.

More to come in subsequent issues of Star Wars and Darth Vader, no doubt. This is the kind of thing I understand was denied to Dark Horse Comics…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who are hosting a signing of The Death Of Superman Lives, with Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne tonight, 5pm-7pm.



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