LEGO Marvel's Avengers Season Pass Details


Drew Hurley writes for Bleeding Cool…

With LEGO Marvel's Avengers hitting today in the US and on Steam, the UK received a special press event from Warner Bros to help make up for us having to wait until Friday to finally get our hands on the game.

Game director Arthur Parsons was in attendance to show off some of the new game and to tease with what more is to come, namely the inevitable season pass of DLC.

For a mere £8, the DLC will consist of 5 level packs that are in development right now. These being:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Based on the TV show with voice work from the cast and Arthur's personal favourite.

Black Panther – Based on the classic comics and set in Wakanda, Arthur couldn't mention much about this yet but promises big characters and stories from Panther's history.

Masters of Evil – Based again off the classic comic characters so expect to see Baron Zemo's crew in LEGO form, taking on the classic Avengers.

Captain Marvel – Still early in development, but all about the titular Carol Danvers.

Doctor Strange – Covering classic Strange mythos and characters but also taking us all the way up to the All New, All Different Doctor Strange.

With DLC and Season Passes often being abused to deliver little content for a high price, it's refreshing to see the guys at Tt really listening to the fans and delivering value.