Peter David, On A Return To Pangea

Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 7.01.50 PMPeter David writes,

The thing with writing is that it is fundamentally a lonely endeavor.  Ultimately it comes down to you and your computer (formerly typewriter) putting the words on the page.  There’s no one else involved, even though many people may try to insert themselves into the creative process after the fact.

The great thing about working on group endeavors is that sense of interaction.  The first time the Crazy 8 group worked together was when we produced a single work entitled “Tales of the Crimson Keep” at a Star Trek convention.  Since then, we have taken on such group efforts several times more, and “Pangea II” is the latest.  It’s a follow-up to the first Pangea anthology, a series of stories set on an alternate Earth where the continents never split.  It was a tremendously entertaining undertaking, conceived by Mike Friedman, who worked closely with all of us to present a unique work.  Something that enabled us each to express ourselves individually while simultaneously contributing to a single whole.

And now we’re launching a Kickstarter to do it again!

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