Comic Artists Remember David Bowie - Philip Bond To Kev Hopgood To Jessica Martin

Comic Artists Remember David Bowie – Philip Bond To Kev Hopgood To Jessica Martin

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By Phillip Bond

Jessica Kemp writes,

An innovator and collaborator until the very end, David Bowie was first and foremost an artist.

His legacy will continue to inspire and invigorate artists of every generation, as it did in his lifetime.

The living definition of a ‘Renaissance man’ he took his art seriously but never himself. Not one to suffer fools gladly, he often berated interviewers, responding with one-word answers or refusing to speak at all.

In his passing it is his generosity of spirit stands out more than anything else, coupled with an endless curiosity in fellow artists and sheer joy in the act of creation.

On the day the news broke the immediate collective outpouring of shock and grief seemed to be unstoppable.

However a renewed hope seem to emerge throughout the day as people sought to express their grief and share stories of how he had influenced or impacted positively in their lives.

He gave a voice to generation of outsiders and outcasts and made them feel like they weren’t alone – that it was OK to be different.

The art that he created will go on to do so now that we don’t have him.

The self-confessed changeling Bowie remained the consummate showman right until the last, creating his last gift to the world releasing Blackstar on the day of his 69th birthday.

Seeking an outlet for shock and grief many headed to Brixton to pay their respects. Flowers were laid in front of the mural opposite Brixton station; more are placed every day. Candles appeared, graffiti and personal messages addressed to the iconoclast.

That night an entirely spontaneous gathering of hearts and minds in Brixton brought generations together in the universal understanding that we had lost one of our finest.

He will always be missed, but we are all in some way better for the time he was here.

How best to respond to honoring such a man?

What better way to do so then as a collaborative tribute.

By Kev Hopgood

Dedicated to promoting emerging talent, Spindle’s ethos is ‘Unravelling creativity’. Our method of response was so obvious to us and so simple, we just hoped that the artists would be willing and able to respond.

A simple request was sent to some of the artists that we have collaborated with previously and knew to be huge Bowie Fans.

We requested a single image of Bowie as a tribute to be displayed on the pages of Spindle. No words other than the artists name and a link to their work, if so desired letting the images speak for themselves.

We have been overwhelmed by the response from some of the most talented and lauded artists currently working in the UK and beyond.

The stardust has not gone out.

By Jessica Martin

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