The Internet Thought Disney Infinity Revealed Rey's Parentage… Until It Didn't

Major spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens await, so turn back if you've not got out and seen the film yet. (Also, go see it. It's good!)

This is a neat little storm in a teacup that brewed over night and then was later exstinguished. Still, it's a fun story. YouTube personalty Joe Vargas, A.K.A Angry Joe, posted a video online claiming that Disney Infinity 3.0 spoiled the currently mystery parentage of Rey. Essentially, in a fight with Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens playset… well, it is easier to show you. Go to 20:25 in the video and pay attention to what Kylo Ren says to Rey.

It sounds like he says, "Face me cousin!" (it did to me on first pass too) and as Kylo Ren is the son of Leia, the sister of Luke, would mean Rey is Luke's daughter. This got play across the internet, including the Star Wars reddit in multiple cases. Pretty crazy that Disney would just out a huge plot detail of future movies like that in Disney Infinity. Insane in fact.

Well… it turns out it is just a little too insane to be true. This is just a case of coincidence. Kylo Ren merely says "Face Me!" before a barrel explodes above him, making him say "Curses!". It was just well timed so they sounded like a complete sentence. Joe ended up taking his video down and confirming his mistake in a tweet.

Still, it was a pretty fun story to think Disney Infinity spoiled future Star Wars movies. Of course, this doesn't mean that this isn't Rey's linage, but confirmation will have to wait.