DC Comics Vs General Motors And More Over Use The Words Krypton And Kryptonite

We looked at how DC Comics is challenging the attempting trademarking of “Kryptonite Vapor”, an e-cigarette brand from Ravensmoor.

But it’s not just the vapor industry that DC are looking to keep Krypton-free.

They are challenging the registration of the word “Kriptonite”, by Strauss Surgical for surgical devices for use in laparoscopic procedures.

And General Motors for registering the name “Camaro Krypton” for cars.


They want a word with Encased Products for using “Kryptonite” for mobile phone and tablet cases.

And Belle Chou for trying to claim “Krypton” for disposable plastic gloves for laboratory use.

Well, there is a TV series from David Goyer coming up with that exact name…

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