Back To The Future Now An Ongoing Comic Series At IDW

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previewsIDW have announced that their Back to The Future comic book series, rather than a mini-series concluding with issue 5 will now be an ongoing series, wit issue 6 out in March. They also have the back cover of the upcoming issue of Previews as well.

They explain.

Actually, we had always planned on doing an ongoing series, with the “Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines” mini-series serving as a fun introduction to IDW BTTF comics, filled with fun vignettes Bob Gale really wanted to share with his many fans that worked best as short stories and one-shots. But as the mini-series progressed, and the popularity (and sales) of the comic increased, we realized that instead of starting over, we would instead turn “Untold Tales…” into our first series arc and continue with new long-play ongoing story arcs starting with issue #6. That way we wouldn’t lose any forward momentum, fans wouldn’t have to wait for another series to hit their store shelves, and we could work from a fantastic through-line series co-writer John Barber had been developing since issue #1 (no spoilers, but it’s definitely there!). In a nutshell, we’ve been ecstatic with the continued success of the comic series combined with the constant enthusiasm from our readers, so we figured why try to “fix” what ain’t broken. Instead, full steam ahead!


The ongoing story arc we kick off in issue #6 will be subtitled “Continuum Conundrum.” One thing worth noting is that the events of #6 and beyond flow directly out of the through-line established in the first five issues, especially #5, which we could technically consider the unofficial beginning of the new ongoing tale we will be presenting.

I’m very happy to say that Bob Gale remains fully on-board as co-plotter and co-writer for the series, continuing to collaborate with John Barber, who will handle the lion’s share of the scripting duties. Our series artist is the fantastic Marcelo Ferreira, who has already done BTTF duty for us in issues #2 and #5, as well as serving as the box artist for the upcoming IDW BTTF board game. Rounding out our team will be colorist extraordinaire, Diego Rodriguez, who’s already worked with Marcelo on the aforementioned issues.


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