So… Where Exactly Did The X-Men Leave Earth For? Revealed Today (SPOILERS)

Back in May, Bleeding Cool told you that one of the post-Secret Wars plans in the Marvel Universe was for the mutants to leave the Earth, forced out by the Inhuman’s terrigen mists that proved poisonous to them, leaving a small clique of mutants behind who could deal with the fallout.

That was when Mike Marts was editing the book and Rick Remender was planning to write Extraordinary X-Men and we had the story confirmed from the highest authority.

Then things changed. Mike moved out West to be EIC of a new publisher After Shock. Rick Remender left the book to concentrate more on his creator owned work. And Nick Lowe and Jeff Lemire replaced them.

But would they change everything?

The poisonous terrigen mists plot was still active and came into play a month ago. But as for the planet exodus that might have tied into Jim Valentino‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy timeline from the nineties.

It was not to be. And today, in Extraordinary X-Men we discover where that mutant X-Haven is.


And why it may not be a haven for long….

4chan anonymous poster was right!

X-Haven is another dimension not another planet. It’s a section of Limbo that Magik carved off and terraformed into an Earth-like pocket dimension

The hellish dimension once the domain of teleporting mutant sorceress, Illyana,

Talking of which….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who, tonight, are hosting the launch and signing of Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard‘s new and first Image Comics series, Limbo after pitching it at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds last year.




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