Legacy Of The Void Brings The Goods To The Starcraft II Franchise

og-sc2-legacy-of-the-voidLast weekend Blizzard Entertainment had their annual Blizzcon convention at the Anaheim Convention Center where they unveiled details about the new World of Warcraft expansion, the upcoming new game Overwatch, a new expansion to Hearthstone and of course the release of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. Starcraft was the second franchise launched by Blizzard after the initial Warcraft and has remained an extremely popular RTS game with world tournaments where players go head-to-head for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. The world championship of Starcraft played out at Blizzcon where a player named SOS defeated another named Live while thousands watched on live and more watched through streaming broadcasts.

Yesterday Legacy of the Void went live and I was able to hop on and play a bit. Now I’m an avid Warcraft player and moderately play Diablo, Heathstone and have tried Heroes of the Storm. I’m also eagerly anticipating Overwatch (and hoping for a beta invite). I played the first Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty game some but haven’t been back to it in a while and hadn’t picked up Heart of the Swarm (though I should). So I was curious how jumping right in to Legacy of the Void would work out. The answer to that is “very well”.

The game opens with an amazing cinematic… something Blizzard is known for… and gets you set right up into the lore of the game with the final chapter in the trilogy of Raynor and Kerrigan. But the story starts with Artanis, leader of the Protoss as he plans to lead his troops against the Zerg to reclaim his home world of Aiur. And if you aren’t up to date on the story, there is another cinematic that will give you a “story so far” recap and it’s well worth watching though a little long.

The game starts quickly and is filled with great cut scenes and we learn about the new antagonist Amon, who seems pretty badass. The story is full of fun dialogue and alien artifacts that help move the plot along. You can get pulled into the story pretty deeply if you are like me and enjoy the story as much as the game play.

As for the game itself, if you’ve never played, think of it as a sci-fi version of chess. You build up your base and your army so you can take out the enemy’s army and base. You get a variety of buildings and soldiers with various capabilities. You have to manage your resources to put together the best possible group and then head out blind onto a map trying to find your opponent or staying back and waiting for them to attack you. It’s a game of strategy and thinking of the big picture rather than running in with a sword and trying to hack at a dragon.

Legacy of the Void brings some new playing options to the Starcraft II game, but mostly it brings the third part to the lore and when it comes to a Blizzard game, the lore is king. Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is a fun game with a great science fiction story wrapped around it.

Now these are just my initial thoughts… I have a lot more playing to do.


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