Giving Away Comics For Hallowe'en This Year Was A Revelation. And A Revolution.

4843161-bg_cv45_dswmI always give away comic books instead of sweets and candy at Hallowe'en and our house has gotten a good reputation over the years because of it, from both parents and kids. This year though was something else. Because this year there was so many comics that they wanted.

The usuals, Avengers, X-Men, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, all good.

But this year there was a mad keenness in the eye for Batgirl, Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Silk, Spider-Gwen, so many different female focussed comic books that had the desirable marketed branding all over them. Those who knew what they wanted really knew what they wanted, and those who didn't were encouraged by those who did. Peer pressure is in operation.

One young girl my daughter's age almost cried over the very existence of Gotham Academy when it was explained just what it was.

And this year there was just more and more and more of it. Throw in Bizarro, Doomed, select issues of Hawkeye as well as Lumberjanes, Steven Universe, Quantum & Woody, Itty Bitty and much, much more.

What can I say. The mainstream comic book industry is finally giving me something more mainstream to give to kids that's combined with the industrial complex marketing machine that fills their daily lives.

All we have to do is get it into their tiny little hands.

Good luck out there. Just no one slip in a copy of Crossed by mistake, okay?

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