E-Sports Franchise ‘Immortals’ Launched By Huge Investors

E-Sports really are growing scarily quickly. The popularity of League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter Strike competitions is staggering, with each selling out arenas at their biggest events.

With that growth comes interesting new investment and establishment. In that regard, that is the case with the new e-sports franchise ‘Immortals’. Well, I say ‘new’. That is the rebranded name for Team 8 eSports. This is part of a big acquisition headed up by a ton of rather powerful investors that include:

Peter Levin, President of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures and Games; Steve Kaplan, Oaktree Capital Principal and Chairman and Co-Owner of the Memphis Grizzlies; Allen Debevoise, Chairman of Machinima; Gregory Milken, March Capital Partners Managing Director; Paul Rappoport, COO of the XPRIZE; Brian Lee, Co-Founder of Legalzoom, Honest Company, BAM Ventures; Akinobu Yorihiro, U.S. CEO of Japanese media juggernaut Yoshimoto Kogyo; and Machine Shop Ventures, the venture arm of world-renowned rock band, Linkin Park..

Immortals will start with the League of Legends team, and grow from there, moving into other popular games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike in the future. The team will take Team 8’s place in the upcoming North American League of Legends Championship Series.

This kind of big money, multi-investor venture into e-sports teams is certainly interesting. It really does show off the size and growing potential to entice all these people to go in on one franchise. This really is becoming a big, big business like any other sports is, and seeing that maturity come to e-sports is rather neat.