Buffy – Will There Be A Season Eleven – In 2017?

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We asked the question about Season Ten three years ago. And there was.

buffy-jpgThe end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Ten is less than a year away. Issue #30 for the Buffy series, issue #25 for Angel & Faith, stretching to August next year.

It will mark the second “season” since the end of the TV Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the decision to continue the TV show in continuity as a series of comic books.

The first may have been dazzled by the infinite-FX budget of comic books, but may have lost the insular nature of the TV show, defined rather than restrained by its restrictions.

That’s something Season Ten has embraced more, bringing it back to the “Scooby Gang” time after time, even as they underwent many a change. Especially Giles.

The comic book is popular enough for Dark Horse and the license costs aren’t likely to be high right now, so long after the TV show ended.

So the odds are good. However, to justify a new season, it is likely that the comic will have to take a big plot lurch.

Could the comic continue, say, without Buffy? What would happen if the slayer was… turned? Mindless speculation of course. But that’s probably the way I’d go…



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