A League Of Extremely Disturbing Gentlemen In Today’s Dying And The Dead #3

I mentioned the apology for lateness from Jonathan Hickman for the third issue of The Dying And The Dead, a series in which we have had had a RED-like revival of elderly action folk revived for a quest, in a world seemingly secretly dominated by different, possibly alien, possibly undead, definitely other, power bases. There’s plenty of moral relativism on display.

But none more so than in issue 3, finally out today, which pitches humanities last, best hope against these alien, other-dimensional controllers the Baduri as, well….


Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito, in the nineteen forties. And they too are on the same quest for the same MacGuffin of power.

You know, the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen always described themselves as monsters, excluded from society. But these make them look like the Care Bears. Though of course the Invisible Man would have liked to have been at that table to establish his Empire, given the chance.

Who knows, maybe he is. Anyway…


Because it can do something very special.


It falls to these three, each with one of its aspects to work together to save humanity. The baddest of guys as the only heroes the Earth has.dd4

And why does it have to be them?

dd5The aliens-on-Earth-during-World-War-II story has been told many times. But don’t think we’ve seen the bad guys propping up the Allies with humanity’s fate left in the hands of genocidal mass murdererd before. dd6Does everything go according to plan?

The Dying And The Dead #3 by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim is published today by IMage Comics.


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