Brendan Wright, Editor Of Mind MGMT, Grindhouse, Archie Vs. Predator, Leaves Dark Horse

Brendan Wright, Editor Of Mind MGMT, Grindhouse, Archie Vs. Predator, Leaves Dark Horse

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brendanSparked off as an announcement initially on Twitter, then with insider info appearing on The Comics Reporter, commentary and well-wishes from The Beat, and also further clarification on his own blog, Brendan Wright, previously Editor at Dark Horse, has announced that he’s going freelance. He’ll be continuing to edit in a freelance capacity for Dark Horse, so this isn’t a case of unresolved conflicts between the publisher and the editor, but he’s also going to be taking on a wide range of possible projects, including many hints at an Image series, singular or plural.

Wright says he’s reached his Seven Year Itch, the amount of time he’s spent full time at Dark Horse (he was only 24 when hired):

I noticed several months ago that, by a quirk of the publishing schedule, the two series I have edited the longest and with which I am most associated, MIND MGMT and Grindhouse, would end at the same time, with my most nutso project, Archie vs. Predator, concluding shortly before. As it happened, the final issues of MIND MGMT and Grindhouse were both released last Wednesday. At the same time, some intriguing freelance opportunities presented themselves, and I decided to take the plunge.

I’m leaving Dark Horse on good terms and intend to keep up my relationship with the company. I love many people who still work there, and I look forward to continuing to see them outside of work and to reading the comics they’re working on. I’m sad for all the projects I won’t see to the end, but I’m proud of each of them and confident in and thankful to the editors taking over for me.

He also feels that he’s had “seven years of good luck” through working with Dark Horse and that’s hard to argue with–he’s now known for the successful trajectories of several major series, including the supremely impressive Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt.

Wright refers to himself as an “editor for hire” and is looking for project ideas. You can contact him about those ideas! Get in the door while he’s asking, comics folks.

If you’re looking, please send inquiries about experience, services, and rates to I’ll also be roaming Rose City Comic Con and New York Comic Con. And if you’re interested in seeing how this whole being-my-own-boss thing goes, follow me on Twitter at @BrendanWasright. Let’s keep comics the most vital entertainment medium going—together.

Good luck, Brendan, we are certain to hear big things about your career in future.

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