Physical PC Disc Of Metal Gear Solid V Only Has A Steam Installer On It

Posted by August 31, 2015 Comment

Metal Gear Solid 5This is a bit of a bizarre story.

The need for PC CD-Roms is some what dying. Many computer cases no longer even have CD drive slots, in response to the near digital take over on the platform. I don’t actually remember the last time I tried to install a game off of a disc myself.

Having said that, I understand it’s a useful tool for those who have slow internet, installing straight from the disc, and not through downloading the content over a network.

Well, if you bought Metal Gear Solid V on PC physically to avoid these downloading times, I have some bad news. It turns out that the CD only contains an 8mb installer for Steam. This was noticed in this tweet (via VG247), and it means that you’ll still have to install the game through downloading off the internet regardless.


That is just bizarre. You think Konami could’ve just put a card with a Steam code on it to save resources. Like I said, the platform is heading to, if it is not already there, a purely digital future. Still, stories like this do still strike me as…odd.

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