Final Fantasy XV Gets An Announcement For A Release Date Announcement

Posted by August 30, 2015 Comment

2787231-final-fantasy-xv-monster-car (1)We exist in a hype culture that is such, that teasers for teasers aren’t a rare thing anymore. In fact, they are near expected.

I suppose that is why I shouldn’t be surprised when I’ve heard the news of this announcement of an announcement. Speaking at a panel at PAX (via NeoGAF), director Hajime Tabata revealed that the announcement of the release date for Final Fantasy XV will be made March 2016. This will be part of a Square specific event that will ave a bunch of other Square news too.

Honestly, I think this more or less confirms the game for a next Christmas release. It feels too close to the summer to come out then, and we know the game is set for 2016 so we can’t go further than that. That feels a little later than what people were expecting, but hey, it’s done when its done. Get it right. Not early.

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