‘They’re Not Like Us’ Launches A Book Group

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not usFrom this week’s issue of They Are Not Like Us. We get a bit of a book group recommendation.

The first novel Fowles write (but the third published in 1965), it tells the story of a young man on working abroad in Greece who strikes up a friendship with a local standing figure of society, who starts to drive Nicolas mad with a series of psychological an historical games of pretence until he becomes a pawn of these machinations.

Which does rather underline that the characters in the comic may not be done with The Voice yet. Indeed, their very escape could well be part of his game plan.

It’s also a good example of how superfiction can take what might otherwise be subtext and literally make it text, wit the superpowers in question taking the allegorical and making it real. So psychological control and manipulation can become psychic instead.

Pick it up here if you want to experience the two together.

While listening to Morrissey, obviously.



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