What Extraordinary X-Men Was Originally About

What Extraordinary X-Men Was Originally About

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This is based on old information. From when Mike Marts was to be editor and Rick Remender was to have written it.

Extraordinary X-Men is one of the All-New All-Different X-Men relaunches, by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos.

Originally it was intended to be the X-Men book still set on Earth. After the mutants had left Earth for Europa, as a result of the newly released Terrigen Mists forming new Inhumans and killing mutants, these would have been the ones who could, for whatever reason, survive the mist.

Whether the team would be the same whether the justification is the same, whether the plot is the same I do not know. But the cover does show a bunch of folk who could, potentially, protect themselves from such mists in one way or another…

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