Here Is What Nolan North's Ghost Sounds Like In Destiny

Here Is What Nolan North’s Ghost Sounds Like In Destiny

Posted by August 25, 2015 Comment

Ever since Bungie announced the fall of ‘Dinklebot’, one of the big questions surrounding Destiny has been ‘what will Nolan North sounds like taking over the role of Ghost?’

Well, here is a briefest of snippets to show you. To promote their stream tomorrow showing off Oryx’s Dreadnaught, Bungie have released this trailer which features a line of dialogue from the ‘Nolbot’. Take a listen here:

I have to say. that isn’t what I was expecting. While certainly higher pitched, it seems like a meditation on the original Peter Dinklage voice work. I was expecting something quite drastically different. I’m excited to see more for sure though.


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