Today, Lois Lane Gets To See Clark Kent Naked

Today, Lois Lane Gets To See Clark Kent Naked

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We’ve already seen that in today’s Superman #42, we get the moment where Lois Lane uses her journalistic skills (and eyes) to work out that Clark Kent is Superman.  After he’s beaten up a gang on ninjas single handedly.

So of course there are issues. Big issues. Stuff to be talked out between them. But at its heart…

Once the side-characters start alluding to such a relationship, it can only be a matter of time. But also in this issue, for the more prurient amongst you (surely not?) this is also the first time Lois Lane, in the current continuity at least, gets to see Superman/Clark Kent naked.


Well, Batman and Catwoman have both had an eyeful, it’s only fair…

This week’s comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. Who, this Saturday, have a Fables #150 signing, talk and musical evening for the launch of Mark Buckingham’s gallery exhibition.


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