Bluewater Renames Itself StormFront (Really?) And Publishes Metallica Biography


Bluewater Productions are a comic book publisher that roared to prominence on the back of a series of political leader biographies, diversified into entertainment and other famous names, as they continued to publish a number of fantasy and sci-fi series.

As much as they received mass publicity for many of their comics, depending on the subject, they also received negative publicity regarding their creator contracts and dealings, and also parted ways with Diamond Comic Distributors.

They now appear to have changed names, changing to StormFront Media, ahead of publishing a Metallica biography, which has received the usual relevant publicity on Billboard.

The book was written by Michael L. Frizell and illustrated by David Frizell, who has also done artwork for Avenged Sevenfold. Interior artist Jayfri Hashim contributed research towards the book.

It’s just… Stormfront is an interesting choice of name, and one I am more familiar with as the name of a neo-Nazi organisation.

Here, for example are members of the Stormfront message board (the Neo Nazis) discussing their disappointment that one of the current members of Metallica isn’t white. Which is something I got when I googled for “stormfront metallica” – it was the first result.

If you are a glutton for punishment, realise their upset at Han Solo getting a non-white wife in the Marvel Star Wars comics. Or discover how the Jews stole the comic book industry.

Maybe the publisher previously know as Bluewater can reclaim the word? Publisher Darren G Davis tells “Stormfront has been around for about 15 years when I started comic books as most of the custom stuff I did. It is absolutely not intentional. In fact we repudiate everything the do and stand for.The company has nothing in common nor any connection to that hate filled group.”

But I think it might not play well with their search engine optimisation…

Copies of Orbit: Metallica and other StormFront publications can be found here.

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