Is Daredevil's New Student A Rather Familiar Face?

Is Daredevil’s New Student A Rather Familiar Face?

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304While we, along with most folks, first thought the character on the cover of the upcoming Daredevil relaunch by Charles Soule and Ron Garney for Marvel was the X-Man Gambit (though we corrected that very soon afterwards from an inside source), there have been ponderings as to who this new character may be, intended to be Daredevil’s new student.

One well-connected fellow gets in touch to spread the word that they’ve heard that this is to be “son of Stick”. Stick was the individual created by Frank Miller who taught Matt Murdock his skills and recently appeared in the Netflix TV adaptation.

Could it be time for Daredevil to pass those lessons back down the line?

Marvel did not reply to enquiries.

Daredevil #176 is Stick’s first appearance by the way. Just in case you wanted to catch up. Not too bad on eBay…


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